Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Akaun E-Mail Laman Sosial Digondam : Datuk Ronald Kiandee Buat Laporan Polis

Datuk Ronald Kiandee, MP Beluran Sabah merangkap Timbalan Speaker Dewan Rakyat Malaysia mendakwa akaun e-mail laman sosialnya telah digondam dengan menyebarkan berita yang tidak betul malah memburuk-burukkan imej beliau.

Datuk Ronald banyak menerima panggilan dan SMS dari rakan-rakannya semalam bertanyakan berita yang tersebar luas di internet itu. Beliau telah membuat aduan Polis sebagai pilihan terbaik sepertimana kenyataan beliau di laman sosial terbuka Facebook 'Ronald Kiandee', dengan katanya;

"Thanks all. I received many calls and SMSes yesterday asking me about that story. I have no choice but to make a police report and highlight it in sabah times today. Hope no one became a victim of that scam. Thanks again for elerting me. Really appreciate it".

Kandungan berita yang yang di dakwa tersebar luas dihantar dari akaun e-mail Datuk Ronald - []


I'm writing this with tears in my eyes,i came down here to London, UK. for a short vacation to visit a resort and got mugged at gun point last night at the park of the hotel where i lodged.All cash,credit cards and cell were stolen off me.I've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all,my flight leaves today and I'm having problems settling the hotel bills.

The hotel manager won't let me leave until i settle the hotel bills which is 1,500Pounds or anything you can afford now am freaked out.Please reply back and let me know if you will be able to loan me the cash so that i can give you the necessary details you will need to get the cash to me via western union money transfer, i promise to pay you back as soon as i get home.


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